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Full Stack
Web Development

5 Module curriculum to become professional Full Stack Developers. Course will cover both front-end and back-end development.

Data Science & A.I.
with Python

5 Module curriculum to master the usage of Python language and Data Science techniqies on a variety of industry use cases.


“ I used to spend at least 30 minutes daily to generate data reports for my own analysis. After the Data Science Boot Camp at Preface, I learnt to streamline everything with Jupyter Notebook and now it takes me only 5 minutes. ”


Programatic Advertiser, Data Science BootCamp Graduate

“ The Data Science with Python Basics Boot Camp gave me a good overview of what I can achieve with coding. It opens many doors for me as a programing beginner who has just started to see my own potential in such kind of skillset. It shows me that programming is not something scary. Anyone can do it. ”


Legal Advisor from Regional Telecom Association

“ The instructors from Preface all speak from a highly professional and practical perspective. I’m not just learning from lecture notes. I’m learning from a mentor who are themselves growing richer and richer in terms of experience. "


Current Python & Full Stack Web Development Student

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