Introducing Preface Nomad Jr YouTube Channel

Young learners, are you creating apps with Scratch and App Inventor on your own? Need more inspirations on what to create next? We are delighted to announce Preface Nomad Jr – our very own online knowledge YouTube channel!

Check out how to create your own Pokemon GIF with Mr Mark:

Preface Nomad Jr presents: Scratch Tutorial for creating Pokemon GIF!

Our channel will be featuring tutorials for both Scratch and MIT App Inventor projects and showing every step of how to create fun apps and games on your own. We’ll upload videos every day, so you can join us and create Pokemon, Space Invader, Face Filter, etc all together and learn how to apply your programming skills!

Want more? We will keep uploading some educational videos featuring review sessions and tutorials. Subscribe to our channel or watch out our new video announcement on Instagram or Facebook!

CS50 - Scratch

Harvard students start coding from Scratch, and so should…

If you want to know what the future looks like, find out what Harvard is teaching and you’ll know. 

Harvard University is known as the cradle for future world leaders. What is taught at Harvard today has a huge impact on what the world looks like tomorrow. 

So what is the most popular course in Harvard today? According to the college, the honor goes to CS50, a programming course designed for all non-majors to pick up one of the most important skills to have today. The same course is offered at Yale University. 

You may think that Harvard students would learn programming in the hardest way. Surprisingly, CS50 starts off with Scratch as an orientation lecture for Harvardians. The lecture is fun, engaging, and wildly exciting, thanks to the minimalistic nature of Scratch. 

So, what is Scratch?

In simple words, Scratch is a programming language that functions like normal computer code but is put together like puzzle blocks. It takes away the complex syntax that frustrates beginners, and allows students to see results quickly. It doesn’t take a genius to build useful apps with Scratch in just one day. Anyone can do it with Scratch, even a young kid. 

scratch cat

Scratch for non-Harvardian? 

Scratch is not only taught at Harvard. At Preface, we offer a program on Scratch for students aged from 6 to 8. Our curriculum is fully recognized by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the education institute that develops Scratch.

Our Scratch curriculum is designed into 2 parts, Theories and Applications. Much like a Computer Science degree, students first learn all the important concepts about programming, then they will apply what they’ve learnt in the Application phase and solve real-world problems in a programmatic way. 

1-on-1 personal coaching 

One difference that sets Preface apart from Harvard is the level of personalisation we offer. Each student will be trained by a personal coach. All lessons can be tailored to the student’s goals, level and interest. 

At Preface, we serve a similar vision as Harvard for programming beginners. We want to make programming fun, and even addictive, so you will overcome the fear and lack of confidence for mastering one of the most important survival skills in the 21st century.

So if you want to learn Scratch before going to Harvard, come to us.

P.S. In case you wonder, here’s the first lecture of CS50 teaching Scratch: