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Creating NOMAD for you

The builders behind NOMAD — Jason, Sam and Carmen

Remember the excitement you had when learning something new when you were young? We gradually lose this feeling when we learn through traditional methods, which either exert heavy pressure on how we absorb knowledge, or come with high barriers that deter us from learning something new. Learning should be fun, inspiring, exciting and accessible for everyone, and we hope Nomad can help every learner to bring that feeling back.

This is why we hold empathising real users’ needs to such high regard throughout the design and discussion process. We want them to embrace the idea that they can learn anything in the best possible experience through Nomad, regardless of their education background or learning style. Therefore, in between balancing how to adequately showcase Nomad’s exceptional features, we also had to make sure we were not neglecting the needs of our end users, ensuring that they are supported by an easily navigable user flow in their journey of stepping outside their comfort zone.

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