Scratch Japan Student Stories

Students’ Game Earned Recognition in Japan

Paving Way for Bigger Stage in MIT Boston App Inventor 2019

Young coder is making a final touch before “Show & Tell” at Scratch Day 2019 in Tokyo

Preface Nomad was honored to be invited to Scratch Day Japan, the biggest coding event in Asia to present our students’ work to an international crowd. Coding teachers, Scratch coders and technology enthusiasts all gathered around the high stage while we presented “Let Snorlax Sleep, a game coded by our 6-year-old student. Is it just another game using a keyboard to play? 100% not. “Awesome” is the word to describe this game, as it cleverly uses the camera sensor to detect the gamer’s movement as the main control. Gamers can sweep the bugs off by swiping their hands in front of the camera, immersing in a 3D gaming experience. The applause and positive feedback from the audience reassured us the impact that Preface Nomad is making — we are not only showing our students how to make a game. We are empowering them to do something great, and become someone who owns the stage.

Let Snorlax Sleep” game

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is hosting App Inventor Summit in Boston this year to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. It will be the biggest App Inventor conference to date.

Yet another proud announcement from us — Preface is invited by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to participate in App Inventor Summit in Boston, one of the world’s largest coding conferences to date. In this August, we will join the event as a Premium Educator to host a 3-hour workshop demonstrating how to make the best use of App Inventor to create highly engaging projects. We will also introduce and exhibit the best works of our students to the top educators and developers coming from all over the world. To prepare for this big event, we are recruiting our brightest students and alumni to build a community-based project together. Talk to the Preface Nomad team if you are interested to know more!

In the coming Sunday (May 26), Preface Nomad is hosting a FREE trial workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about our upcoming Summer Bootcamps as well as the projects we are bringing to the MIT App Inventor Summit. In the 1-hour workshop you and your kids will get to try working on a simple project and get a taste of building something fun on their computers.

Reserve your seat now and prepare for the great summer ahead!

Preface Nomad

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