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The Idea Behind the NYR Campaign

There was an idea. That emerging knowledge did not need to be hard to learn. That Preface, as an education and tech company, could be the ideal educator to deliver this knowledge. Hence, since its inception in late June 2018, Preface Coffee has served as a platform for workshops that aim to create conversations on emerging knowledge essential for the technological era. Held by Preface educators and guest speakers, Preface Workshops remained a staple event through the months, slowly building the reputation as a hub for new knowledge in Tin Hau.

As we approached the turn of the New Year, there was a thought. Why stop at emerging knowledge? Many people have various skills and particular topics that they’d love to learn about, but have no clue on where to start their journey — none more so than individuals who are looking to learn something new in the upcoming year. Fuelled with the idea of motivating people to not only make, but complete New Year Resolutions in learning, we set up the New Year’s Resolutions Campaign.

As a channel that provides participants with greater access to learning their topics of interest, the NYR Campaign incentivises individuals to place learning as a priority in their lives. The result was instantaneous, with Preface Workshops reaching record attendances in the first month of the campaign, and effectively ignited public interest in new knowledge.

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