Designed as an equivalent to a Computer Science degree, our 80-hour full-stack programming course is your fast-track to become a web programming expert.

Whether you want to become a web programmer, a technical consultant or a project manager who knows a technical project inside out, this programme is the Swiss knife you need to level up your technical competitiveness.

Learn to code web apps as powerful as

Course details

Total Hours: 80
Number of Lessons: 40
Instruction Language: English or Cantonese
Format: 1-on-1

Program Structure

This part covers the fundamentals of backend programming part using the most in-demand programming language - "Ruby". Topics include:

  • Core programming concepts - Syntax and Logic
  • Software architecture, e.g Object-oriented Programming
  • Common developer set-up and tools

This part focuses on database and frontend programming in which you'll learn how web apps are designed the way they are, and how data is stored:

  • Structure and operations on modern database for data storage and analytics
  • Learn to query and manage data with SQL and relational database design
  • UI, UX design principles to code dynamic web app behaviours

This part drills into the Ruby on Rails Programming Framework on practical functionalities, e.g. building a payment gateway, login and user authentication, authorisation system, search, map functionalities etc.

  • Structuring with Model View Controller (MVC) Framework
  • Leverage the capabilities of third-party APIs and Ruby GEMS
  • Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) based on the Airbnb clone

  • Setup and command line basics
  • Programming Basic with Ruby
  • Flow, Conditionals & Arrays
  • Hash & Symbols
  • Regular Expression
  • Parsing
  • Classes & Instances
  • Inheritance & Self
  • Software architecture and MVC pattern (Part 1)
  • Software architecture and MVC pattern (Part 2)
  • Data model (Part 1)
  • Data model (Part 2)
  • Schema Design & SQL
  • CRUD with SQL
  • Active Record Basics
  • Associations & Validations
  • Basic HTML & CSS (Part 1)
  • Basic HTML & CSS (Part 2)
  • CSS Components e.g. banners, buttons and cards
  • Bootstrap, Grids & Layouts
  • Product Design
  • JavaScript Basics
  • DOM & Events
  • JavaScript Plugins
  • Routing, Controllers & Views
  • Models & CRUD
  • Advanced Routing
  • Rails frontend
  • Hosting & Image Upload
  • Devise Gem e.g. Collaboration techniques with git & Github
  • Pundit e.g. authentication and permission control
  • Geocoding
  • Search
  • Ajax in Rails
  • Payment Gateway
  • Mailing (Transactional email)
  • Background Jobs and Sidekiq
  • API Building
  • Testing in Rails



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Sign up for the program via email, phone, or on our website. You will receive a registration form with a few additional questions about your technical skills and background.

No, we will prepare you with everything you need from the first lesson to the last.

Yes, it is necessary for students to bring their own laptop to class. Both Mac and Windows work.

Our curriculum is personalized by the learning feedback stored in our A.I. system. Our system can easily pinpoint the area of learning weakness for a student and tweak learning materials to make targeted improvements so the student can progress quickly.

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