Full Stack Web Development Online

5 Individual Modules Online Real Time 80 Hrs in Total

Dive into the Coding World with a 1 on 1 Trainer

Get trained in your own home by real-person trainers online, and stay always in touch with the latest world standard of web development. Build your own powerful web app like Airbnb in as fast as 80 hours.

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The Curriculum


Begin your journey with one of the most beginner-friendly languages. Learn fundamental concepts, basic programming logic, syntax, and how to set up your computer to start writing some real code!


Get a good grasp of how to style webpages, build interactions, communicate with servers and process user inputs.


Learn how to build a program at scale according to the latest industry standard.


Learn how to design and build database as the most important component of your web project.


Explore the array of useful plugins and robust features of Rails as the Favorite web development framework for Ruby programmers. Learn how to host your web product, or build useful features such as maps or payment gateway into your web product in a breeze.

We focus on Progressive Learning

Real Knowledge, Real People

Enjoy both digital convenience and interactiveness with a real programming instructor. Learn online with instant explanation on key knowledge points.

Uncompromised flexibility

The entire program fits into your schedule perfectly. You decide when and where to learn. So keep your other priorities as you learn with us.

Tailormade Learning by A.I.

Our A.I. engine generates curriculum and exercises that fit your level and goals. This data-driven personalised learning program keeps you on track and motivated.

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Online 1-on-1 Lesson

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Personalized Curriculum

Pay-as-you-go Financing


Complete Full Stack Course (80hrs)

Embark a journey on understanding a whole digital ecosystem from Frontend to Backend with a portfolio to take home.

HKD 40,800

was $54,400


Front End Development Basics (12hrs)

Become fluent in Front-end development today with our 12 hours online coaching.

HKD 6,120

was $8,160


Programming Basics in Ruby (12hrs)

Start training up programming logics and use algorithm to solve problems.

HKD 6,120

was $8,160

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