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MIT App Inventor 1-on-1 Online

Age 9+ 1 to 1 Online 80 Hrs in Total

Explore the Coding World with 1-on-1 Live Instructor Online

Let the young learners grow confidence in building creative games and mobile apps with the best coding tools designed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a live instructor online without leaving your doorstep.

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The Curriculum


This introductory module will introduce the most important and fundamental programming concepts and components of any working programs to our students (eg. variables, data type, events, conditionals, procedures, data storage, etc.)


Students will learn how to build complex games using interactions, database and advanced animations while taking up the challenge to code and design their own computer program. They will be engaged in stimulating exercises that allow their creativity to shine.
Featured Projects: Diamond Hunter, Flappy Bird


As the last 2 modules, students will have the chance to create utility apps that are solving real-world problems. They will learn how to plan their app projects with a programming mindset before the actual coding - just like what a professional coder would do. They will also learn how to use HTTP requests and third-party API to expand the functionality of their products in a highly scalable way.
Featured Projects: Timer, Calculator, Web Browser

Focus on Progressive Learning

Real Knowledge, Real People

Join the technological advancing community with a real programming instructor. Learn with instant explanation on key knowledge points.

Uncompromised flexibility

The entire program fits into your schedule perfectly. You decide when and where to learn. So keep your other priorities as you learn with us.

Tailormade Learning by A.I.

Our A.I. engine generates curriculum and exercises that fits your level and goals. This data-driven personalised learning program keeps you on track and motivated.

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