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Scratch 1-on-1

Age 3 - 5 Age 6 - 8 1-to-1 In-person 100 hrs Material

Explore the Coding World with 1-on-1 Personal Instructor

The best coding education for your kids starts from Scratch. With a dedicated instructor, your children will get undivided attention and assistance they need for building their first digital creations using the block-based programming tool.

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Curriculum (for age 3 - 5)


This introductory module will show students how to make digital characters “come to life” with movements and user interactions (e.g. tapping screen as a control input) with simple programming logic and symbol-based block programming tool.


Students will learn how to break down a big mission into small tasks and complete each task step by step with a simple program.
Create and design your own 3-D digital characters in the paint editor using different shapes and even photos with the camera functions as well as the recording function for unique sounds.
Featured Projects: Chatbot, Google Translate, Pictionary


Students will learn how to plan their app projects with a programming mindset before the actual coding, e.g. story planning with plots, scenes, characters.
They will also learn to add multiple screens and background to enhance the complexity of games and stories.
Other CS concepts: sequences, lopping for a number of times, looping forever

Curriculum (for age 6 - 8)


In this introductory stage, students will learn the fundamental how-tos: computational thinking, basic programming concepts, sequential logic and basic animation skills, all glued together by the drag-and-drop coding blocks.
Featured Projects: Hide and Seek, Space Invader, Air Hockey


Introduction to frontend programming: building animations, interactions and adding multimedia components to an interface.
Featured Projects: Chatbot, Google Translate, Pictionary


Learn to build complex games using interactions, database and advanced animation effects while taking up the challenging to code and design their own computer program.
Featured Projects: Fruit Ninja, Pacman, Snake

Focus on Progressive Learning

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Join the technological advancing community with a real programming instructor. Learn with instant explanation on key knowledge points.

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The entire program fits into your schedule perfectly. You decide when and where to learn. So keep your other priorities as you learn with us.

Tailormade Learning by A.I.

Our A.I. engine generates curriculum and exercises that fits your level and goals. This data-driven personalised learning program keeps you on track and motivated.

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Each standard lesson for Scratch Coding Course is 1 hour.

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Each standard lesson is 1 hour.

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