A 1-on-1 Full Stack Development Program.

Learn to code anytime, anywhere in as little as 6 weeks.


Preface Coding is a Full Stack Coding course that aims to equip you with the programming skills to upgrade your business, fast track your career or sharpen your skillset with a technical edge.

Set yourself up for success with as little as 100 hours of project-based learning designed to teach you all essential programming concepts that powers up AirBnB!

Code with a Product Mindset

A product-driven web app coding course highly focused on all the core programming concepts!

From mastering back-end programming like Database and Ruby, to developing user-friendly looking interface with Bootstrap and Javascript, you’ll learn to adapt to the technical workflow of software engineering employed by successful tech unicorns. Upon graduation you'll learn the A to Z of how AirBnB is built.

Community of Like Minds

You’ll be granted a lifetime access to our highly engaging community throughout and after the course.

Our student talents come from all walks of life - startup founders, product managers or those looking to change careers. The regular meetups and events like Hackathon and Demo Day that we host for you are great chances to network and find shareable opportunities with both our Nomad Students and Teachers.

An Individualised Learning Path

Preface Coding delivers a personalised learning experience and support to you via 1-on-1 teaching.

We are highly flexible in terms of class time and location. We also understand that learning in a classroom setting is no longer a desirable approach for busy adults, not to mention the different learning progress, aims or goals each person has when it comes to learning. So, all scheduling now are made on your demand and at your convenience.

A look into our Curriculum

Structured into 10 Modules, our Full Stack Coding Course takes as little as 100 hours (1.5 months) to learn all the essentials needed to boost up a web app like AirBnB!

Stage 1 - The Fundamentals

You’ll get familiar with foundational programming concepts and techniques, learn how softwares are structured and also deepen your knowledge on server-side development.

Breakdown of stages:

  • Common developer set up and tools
  • Programming basics
  • Object-oriented software architecture and MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern
  • Relational database, structured queries with SQL and object relational mapping

Stage 2 - How a Web App Works

Dive deep into front-end development to build robust, modern user interface (UI) in which powerhouse web Apps like Esty, Kickstarter and AirBnB are built on with the Rails framework.

Breakdown of stages:

  • Product design, planning and techniques with UX and UI principles
  • Create responsive pages and layout using HTML and front-end components and tools with latest CSS techniques
  • Dynamic web behaviour with up-to-date Javascript version (ES6) and AJAX
  • Leverage the capabilities of third-party APIs and Ruby GEMS e.g. payment gateway, users’ authentication and authorisation, search, map functionalities etc.
  • Production, unit testing and test-drive environment

Stage 3 - Final Project

With everything you’ve learned on client-facing and server side development, code your first Ruby on Rails project all by yourself - you'll build an original project from scratch or clone your own version of AirBnB and engage in the process of software development like any professional full stack developers.

Breakdown of stages:

  • Invent your tech project with product goals and value proposition
  • Design it via Prototyping and building an MVP
  • Code it on your own from back-end programming to front-end development
  • Deploy your web app to production and pitch to the Preface Coding Community

Course Structure and Tuition

A total of 10 Modules and you'll be as good as an AirBnB Developer!

Per Module Tuition: HKD $5,440

Per Module Structure: 4 lessons in each Module

Per Lesson Duration: 2 hours in each lesson

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