Scratch Jr is a symbol-based block programming course designed for toddlers to grasp fundamental programming concepts with drag-and-drop coding blocks.

As a bridging course to Scratch, Scratch Jr helps develop toddlers’ maths skills and abilities in deductive reasoning through building interactive stories and mini games on iPads and tablets.

Course details

Total Hours: ~60
Number of Lessons: 48
Instruction Language: English or Cantonese
Format: 1-on-1

Program Structure

This introductory module allows students to explore and learn how characters come to life on digital devices with simple programming logic.

  • Discover how and why objects move and react to users in a digital setting, e.g. tapping on screen, how to start and stop a game
  • Learn how coding works and how coding blocks are put in place to make characters move
  • Other CS concepts: basic movement (left, right, up, down)

This stage focus on teaching students how to order small tasks in a step-by-step approach with the right sequence.

  • Learn to design and modify characters in the paint editor, e.g. creating own shapes, adjusting sizes, using camera functions to take pictures, etc.
  • Explore the use of “More Blocks” In Scratch Jr. Interface, e.g. adding and recording sounds, adding speech bubbles, controlling flow of codes, etc.

Featured Projects: Chatbot, Google Translate, Pictionary

This stage shows students how to do the planning process before coding a project with a programming mindset, e.g. story planning with plots, scenes, characters.

  • Learn to add multiple screens and background to enhance the complexity of games and stories
  • Introduce how stories and games are plotted and planned
  • Other CS concepts: sequences, lopping for a number of times, looping forever

  • Basic programming concepts: sequence, motions, and building basic interface for interactions
  • Introduction to loops
  • Putting multimedia elements into games, e.g. touch to start, sound, moving images
  • Thematic creations: About Myself, About My Family and My City, Future World. Painting their own characters using Scratch Jr
  • Character building: creating costumes and writing dialogues
  • Storytelling animations:
  • Elements of a game



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Sign up for the program via email, phone, or on our website. You will receive a registration form with a few additional questions about your technical skills and background.

No, we will prepare you with everything you need from the first lesson to the last.

Yes, it is necessary for students to bring their own device to class. Both iPad or Tablet works.

Our curriculum is personalized by the learning feedback stored in our A.I. system. Our system can easily pinpoint the area of learning weakness for a student and tweak learning materials to make targeted improvements so the student can progress quickly.

Screen time is brain time when it comes to programming - instead of passively playing games, kids are putting their creativity and problem solving in play with codes. Hence, you can expect that half of the time will be spent offscreen learning programming concepts, while using the remaining time to apply the concepts to realise their imagination.