Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference at a Glimpse by Preface…

Being a tech-driven education company, Preface follows newest trends and technology developments closely. Preface’s founder Tommie, along with Carmen and Edwin, attended the recent 2018 Facebook Developer Conference in San Jose, California during early May.

‘Despite the earlier negative coverages on privacy issues of Facebook, the conference event was still impressive. Facebook’s latest technologies brought them another step closer to achieving their mission of bringing the world together and connecting the community,’ said Tommie.

He then mentioned that one of Facebook’s highly invested technologies is AR (Augmented Reality), which makes it possible for users of certain applications, such as video chats, to create their own personalized figures instead of being compelled to engage in a face-to-face conversation. In response to the growing concerns over privacy issues, Facebook will also be rolling out a function to allow users to clear all browsing history.

Apart from the keynote announcing Facebook’s new technologies, their up-and-coming educational workshops are another main highlight. Facebook’s product experts shared and taught how the technology can actually be applied and merged into our daily lives.

Data isn’t everything

Working in the strategies and planning team, Edwin focuses not only on Preface’s business strategies, but also users’ strategies, performing tasks like data mining and user’s engagement and feedback analysis of Preface’s products.

‘In Facebook’s latest omni-channel analytics, businesses can now track time sessions spent on certain pages and apps, as well as the entire user flow and propensity toward specific behaviours, across various platforms and devices,’ said Edwin.

He noted the importance of implementing such versatile tool in Preface’s users’ analytics for the finest education products and plans.

‘Education should not solely focus on how much time is spent on learning certain topics, but the whole journey of every single learner on how they pick up each concept and understand the relationships amongst them,’ Edwin added.

Designers aren’t just artists but creators of innovative process change

Preface’s design and production team differs from typical design teams in other companies. Apart from daily design tasks for promotional materials, app interface and centre layouts, Preface’s team puts even higher emphasis on the true virtues of designs which are to help to improve situations and solve issues.

Leading the design and production team, Carmen oversees a variety of projects, ranging from designing every tiny detail like colour combinations and graphics used in the products, to redesigning the entire learning process with design-thinking skills to enhance students’ learning experience in Preface’s learning ecosystem.

‘Being open-minded to feedbacks and understanding the needs of customers are crucial in the design thinking process,’ Carmen said.

In that event, Carmen works closely with Edwin to frequently obtain statistical data for UI and interaction improvements.

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