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Join our HTML, CSS & JavaScript for Web Development Boot Camp and up your technical skills.

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Our course design focuses on connecting the dots in a program. Project-based practices give you a big picture in mind, and how the dots - programming logic, syntax and techniques - come together in a sensible way.


Our group tutors will assist your in-class learning and facilitate discussions and interactions between classmates. Be ready to learn lightning fast when you work with others.

Industry-grade training.


Learn to unleash the power of the in-trend data tools and coding platforms in an engaging environment.

Our Course Outline.

Our Schedule.

Chapter 1

Orientation & intro to web styling

Know your way in Preface HQ and the intensive learning schedule of the day.

Get into the day’s challenge. Get trained up in HTML, CSS and Bootstrap step-by-step through a series of mini-lectures and coding practices.

Chapter 2

JavaScript playground

Take your first step of coding in JavaScript. Feel the power of one of the most popular web programming languages in the 21st century. This is the preparation chapter that warms up your coding knuckles for the next stage.

Chapter 3

Building interactions with JavaScript

This is where you will become well-versed in JavaScript, and be able to handle advanced front-end programming at ease. Learn how to build responsive websites using JavaScript and popular plugins.

Chapter 4

Communicating with the web & final wrap up

Learn how to use third-party API to communicate with the Internet to make your web app truly connected.

Before you go, find your tutors to clear up any questions you have. Feel free to visit Preface Coffee to continue your conversations with your classmates!

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Web design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Web design is how it works.

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